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Mob; 078666 55985


At the Martley Cricket Club AGM last year the point was made that a lot of former players are still interested in what is happening with the club.

It was agreed that to an extent we had lost touch with many ex-players and friends of the club.

Formerly the Vice-Presidents were all people who had helped the club in the past but for many reasons regular contact has been lost with most of them.

It has been on my mind for some time, as President, to get back in touch with many of you, and to that end I am proposing forming a club/organization/group, call it what you wish, of past Martley cricketing folk.

Now if all these people were vice-presidents the list would be endless, so how about we become the Martley Old Players Society.

How do we get to know what’s going on?  
Well in the distant past a weekly newsletter used to go out to all club members, but in this day and age of emails, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook and the like it should be a lot easier to stay in touch with folks than it was 20 years ago.

I know not everyone is on email etc, but a lot of people are, and for those that are not I am happy to send newsletters out.

This will also go out to current members who have email addresses.

What will happen in the future? Well hopefully we can let everyone know of events, some of which I am sure you would like to support. I will also try and send out results and fixtures on a regular basis, although the summer is a bit busy for me.

So what do I want from you? Well my contact list is a little dated, so what I need is up to date email addresses, text numbers and of course postal addresses, so I have shoved a little form on the bottom of this email/letter.

If you can get it back to me ASAP I can start to build up a database of everyone.

You will know of people you played with who I haven not got detasl of, so if you want to get back to me I will be happy to contact them. I know some of our old players are living in foreign parts (Bromyard) and it would be good to keep them informed.

Social Media; Are you into Twitter or Facebook ?: On twitter we are @martleycc  and on Facebook Martley C.C. /

The club website is

So, for this to work I need your details.

Ping me an email as above, drop me a line 

5 Cockshot Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2TT

and we can start from there.

Thanks for reading all this, if you want to know more, or if you want to help me run it, give me a call;  078666 55985.





Dave Bradley Hon President, Martley C.C.



YOUR NAME;___________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________


MOBILE PHONE___________________________________


HOME PHONE ___________________________________________






5 Cockshot Rod, Malvern, Worcs, WR14 2TT  Mob; 078666 55985


First of all a sincere apology from me for the lack of contact with you over the summer. It has been the most hectic summer I can recall, with the County Cricket programme so busy including T20 games on Friday evenings.
I have also been away for two weeks since the season finished; well those are my excuses out of the way.

I know a lot of you follow the club on our website and through the reports in the Worcester News.


The club has organised an Awards Evening at the Graeme Hick Pavilion at New Road for Friday 28th November; tickets are £15.50 each to include a sit down dinner, presentations (some not so serious) and a good chance for all club members, players, non-players, sponsors, ex-players and their partners to get together.

There will be more details on the website over the next couple of weeks, but we do need to know who is coming.

Contacts are Alex Mays 07825 551558

Pat Bibby 07429 502580] 

Dave Bradley 078666 55985






The First team, having been promoted the previous season looked to build on that success, and after a slightly faltering start did well to finish in 8th place in the table, well clear of the relegation zone.

Highlight of the season was victory over the champions Bartestree and Lugwardine at the Jewry Field.

It was pleasing to see the bulk of the team had come through the Martley Juniors and says much for the work of Rob Ganderton and the team who organize the youngsters.


The Second team had probably their best ever season in their history and were in the running for promotion until the last day of the season, when hey were beaten at home by Old Vigornians, and indeed they led the table for several weeks during the summer.

Again a lot of Martley raised youngsters were in the side.

Thanks are due to the captains Tom Clement (1st team) and Tej Upall (2nd team) who both did a superb job in organising and leading the teams


Sunday cricket was a little hit and miss in 2014, and the club will be looking at our Sunday side and how it should be organized, but thanks to Dom Jones who took on the role of skipper and also organised the games.


Martley fielded three junior sides in 2014, and once again the enthusiasm of these youngsters was to be admired. They may not have ben the best players in their “leagues” but they were certainly among the most determined.

Continued thanks to Rob Ganderton, Daryll and Julie Lymer and Simon Butler for the excellent work they do with the lads and lasses.


Presidents Day when we organised an inter-club Six A Side was deemed a success and will almost certainly be repeated in 2015, Dom Jones team were the winners but it was great to see 20 odd Martley players turning out for the competition.


The Bob Gittins Memorial game against Knighton also went down well, it was very pleasing to see Simon and Paul back captaining the two sides, and particularly pleasing to have Lynn with us to present the trophy to the winning team. Again it is hoped this fixture will be repeated in 2015 and become an annual event between our two clubs.


Folks that is a very brief round up of events in the summer, and I have almost certainly missed something off, but I hope it gives you a flavour of what we are doing, or trying to do, and again apologies for not being in touch before.


As ever all MOPS are most welcome to any of the events, and as soon as the fixtures for next year are out I will try and get them to you.


If you know of any Martley Old Players who I have not been in touch with then please let me know, the more the merrier.


All the best,

Dave Bradley

(MOP ed)










 photo Scan35_zpsc0fb6510.jpeg

                 MARTLEY CRICKET CLUB 1964

(as far as we know none of these men ever dressed up as women)

Back left to right; Doug McNeil, Eddie Taylor, Jim Jones, Billy Allen, Jim Bishop and Bert Bradley. Front row; Barry Williams, Keith Rivers, Jack Bradley (capt) Arthur Callow, Len Walker

Isle of Wight 2002Isle of Wight Tour "girls" night out 2002

Yes the MOPS  !!!!
What will it do? Well hopefully keep everyone informed of what is going on at the Jewry Field, matches, events and the like.
What will it cost?  Nothing, but if anyone wants to make a donation then feel free to.
Who is going to run it? Me, with a little help from you, I hope.
What if you never played: Good point, as I know a lot of people who have been involved in the past were not necessarily players. Administrators, tea ladies, supporters, wives, girl friends, parents,sisters,brothers etc have all been an essential part of the club.
 You are of course more than welcome.