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Posted by Dave Bradley on 27/02/2017 11:37


Martley CC – Annual General Meeting 2017

(The Crown – Sunday 19th February 2017)




Present: Pat Bibby (PB), Rob Ganderton (RG), Simon Butler (SB), James Ganderton (JG), Jai Wickham (JW), Tej Uppal (TU), John McGahan (JM), Alexandra Mays (AM), James Basford (JB)

Apologies: Dave Bradley (DB), Stu Watt (SW), Tom Clement (TC), Matt Repton (MR), Darryl Lymer (DL)


  1. Review of 2016 season
    1. 1st XI – 1st got promoted, some solid performances with a range of contributors, won 11 games. Division 3 is a lot more ’local’ so travel time will be reduced. Alexander Basford and Dom Jones were the main contributors with the bat, Dan and Mark Johnson with the ball. Pete Gardiner and Jim Basford were consistent bowlers.
    2. 2nd XI – finished mid-table with a number of games called off (abandoned). Team struggles when the 1st XI is short – pressure put on 2nd XI. Bowling was where the shortages were most noticeable. Ash Jones batted extremely well but lack of depth.

ACTION: RG and SB to liaise with TU re: which Juniors to select and when to use them.

  1. Sunday team – 3/4 adults with Juniors making up the remainder of the team. Need to have some more of the older Juniors playing to act as a transition into Senior cricket. Darryl has organised around 6 games for the 2017 season.

ACTION: Seniors to sign up for 1 or 2 Sunday games per season?

  1. Evening League – only entered the Evening League Cup this season which only 4/5 teams entered. Decided not to enter for the 2017 season.
  2. Indoor League – Ian Flower still keen to take on the Captaincy. Standard is high and performances have been good.
  3. Juniors: Decent season all round
    1. U12/13s held their own and performed well. U13s made it to the final at Barnt Green.
    2. U15s didn’t win a game and need to improve their concentration. Some potential players which need to be nurtured


  1. Finances
    1. Current balance very good– still have some payments to make (approx. £1000) but the Club is in a strong financial position
    2. Large contributions from fundraising events and sponsorship
    3. Total revenue means MCC qualify for Clubmark.
    4. MCC benefited from ECB small grant scheme so will be ineligible in the 2017 season


  1. Training/Nets
    1. Senior nets start 21st March for 5 weeks @ Malvern College, 7.00pm, £15 for 5 sessions or £4 per session
    2. Junior nets start 3rd March @ The Chantry, 7.30 – 9.30pm

ACTION: Seniors to pop down on Friday nights

ACTION: PB take on midweek outdoor nets/training for Seniors (Wednesdays)?



  1. Fundraising/Sponsorship
    1. Taylor Wimpey won’t be sponsoring the Club in the 2017 season
    2. Extend the 6-a-side to other Clubs? 2/3 MCC teams + 2/3 other Clubs with an entrance fee? Sapey, Sanctuary Housing, Hallow?
    3. T20 option as an additional day?
    4. Potential Cricket Week in the Summer holidays – 2/3 days of delivery

ACTION: TC to follow up sponsorship with The Mason’s

ACTION: All to go away and think of formats for T20/6-a-side

ACTION: AM to get cricket Week paperwork from Glossop CC


  1. Social events
    1. Quiz night @ The Mason’s – new date needed as Bradders can’t make 19th March

ACTION: DB to find new date


  1. Officers for upcoming season
    1. President – Dave Bradley
    2. Chairman – Pat Bibby
    3. Secretary – Alexandra Mays
    4. Treasurer – Jim Basford
    5. Club Captain – Tom Clement
    6. 1st XI Captain – Proposed Dom Jones (PB to follow up)
    7. 1st XI Vice Captain – Pat Bibby/Jim Basford
    8. 2nd XI Captain – Tej Uppal
    9. 2nd XI Vice Captain – Jon McGahan
    10. Indoor Captain – Ian Flower
    11. Evening League Captain – N/A for 2017 season


  1. Home matches
    1. Teams to meet at least an hour before the start of the game so that time is available for warm ups and practising
    2. ‘Match Managers’ – rota for every home game, named people are the ones who set up and prepare the pitch, collect subs, etc.

ACTION: role to be defined at next Committee Meeting and ‘fine system’ to be discussed


  1. AOB
    1. Tea Rota (TU):
      1. Rota for teas needs to be managed better, with penalties for late payments
      2. ‘Up’ the rates if late and encourage early payment – to be agreed at next Committee Meeting



  1. Subs:
    1. Do a tea, no need to pay Subs
    2. £60 if not doing a tea
    3. If U18, £20 back
  2. Match fees for 2017:
    1. £7 for Seniors, £5 for Juniors
    2. With Umpires - £9 for Seniors, £7 for Juniors
  3. Next AGM to be within a month of the end of season (Oct 2017)